8.1.2019 - Tampere

ALSO's B2B marketplace strengthens its smart city and IoT know-how, and ecosystem activities

ALSO’s profile as an innovative and co-operative partner strengthens as Tero Blomqvist, former Smart Tampere Program Director, joins the company on January 7th 2019, being responsible for ALSO’s smart city and ecosystem activities. Mr Blomqvist will be enhancing the co-creation of IoT, cloud and data based services together with ALSO’s clients and partners.

Before joining ALSO Mr Blomqvist worked for the City of Tampere where he was one of the creators of the Smart Tampere program and served as the Program Director for the past two and half years. He is also one of the authors of The Smart City Cookbook (published Nov 2018, www.smarttampere.fi/cookbook ).

”The best part in working with the Smart Tampere program was that, together with my brilliant team and other city departments, we managed to open up city’s challenges and resources for the companies to utilize, and were able to create cases where companies co-created new business models. At Also I can use my learnings from co-creation and smart cities”, Mr Blomqvist says.

Before joining the City of Tampere Mr Blomqvist worked for Nokia and Microsoft, for 19 years in total, leading different product development projects. He has been creating the world changing smart phones like Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia N9 and Nokia N95.

Mr Blomqvist was keen to join ALSO because he sees great potential in its ability to develop overall solutions and its strong international networks.

”I believe my strong experience in smart cities and business ecosystems, as well as my vast network will help ALSO and its partners to develop and enable even better services and solutions for their customers. In addition, it is important for me to have a working community where I can help others achieve their goals."

Tero Blomqvist
Smart City, IoT and Ecosystems Business Lead