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Offer your customers next-level scalability with Network-as-a-Service (Part 2)

Network-as-a-service (Naas) has emerged as the answer for enterprises to keep up with ever-changing business requirements, new business applications, and rapid changes in technologies and security threats. Businesses no longer need to invest heavily on network infrastructure to scale up, as these needs are now available to all enterprises as a service.

This is the second part of the podcast going in-depth of the NaaS solution. If you have not already go listen to the first part “Introduction to Network-as-a-Service (Part 1)“.

In this podcast episode we will go a bit more in details on the technical site of the NaaS. Troels Andersen, Focus Sales Manager and Nikolaj Brink Olsen, Product Manager at ALSO will share their valuable insights and in-depth knowledge. Providing some practical examples on how the solution works, how you can deploy it, and the benefits you can draw from it.

Your host of the show is Agam Bhushan, tech consultant within digital transformation and he will be asking all the right questions making sure you are fully up to date.

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Still curios, read more about the solution here.

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