HUAWEI eKit, suitable products for your sales business!

The new eKit products aim to better meet the needs of SMEs in digitalization and help them develop their business.

HUAWEI eKit uses decades of technological know-how and extensive experience in digital transformation to offer various products and solutions to the millions of small and medium-sized businesses that need them.


HUAWEI eKit makes it easier for you to buy and sell, install and maintain, learn and use.

HUAWEI eKit products support plug-and-play and automation technologies such as ad hoc networks and self-tuning. The eKit products use mobile APP tools to implement O&M functions such as site provisioning via QR code scanning and intelligent network optimization with one click.

This significantly reduces the complexity and cost of installation, deployment and operation and simplifies deployment and service.

HUAWEI eKit provides millions of enterprise customers with high performance, security, reliability and environmental friendliness, just like all other Huawei products.

By simplifying configuration parameters and providing wizard-based guidance, HUAWEI eKit provides easy-to-learn and user-friendly sales business marketable products, providing enterprise customers with digital office and production experiences.

The HUAWEI eKit brand covers a wide range of scenarios, from SME offices and hospitality to commercial real estate and retail.

Under this brand, five series of products are developed to cover all scenarios for SMEs, including smart devices such as Huawei IdeaHub, wired and wireless connections supporting IP and optical convergence, and IT platforms for data storage.

HUAWEI eKit provides channel partners with the world's most comprehensive product series to help them expand their business and help the vast number of enterprises go digital faster.



ALSO Webshop


ALSO Webshop

Availability at ALSO

Huawei eKit products are now available at ALSO, so you can meet the strong demand directly and conveniently with our help.

Availability at ALSO enables you to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of Huawei eKit products to your customers, thus improving your service offering.

By selling Huawei eKit products, you not only offer your customers high-quality, sought-after solutions, but also associate your company with a brand that stands for excellent quality and innovation. Take the opportunity to expand your offering, increase your sales and collect Bonus Club points with the Huawei eKit SME Network Products available at ALSO.