PowerVault ME4 Series

Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series

Purpose-built and optimized storage for SAN & DAS


  • Web-based (HTML5) management
  • Installs and configures in 15 minutes1
  • Extended management ecosystem


  • Bandwidth: 5.5GB/s Write & 7GB/s Read
  • Performance: up to 320K1 IOPs
  • Scale: 12G SAS backend


  • Low-cost starting configurations
  • Easy to own with all-inclusive software
  • Modular pay as you grow model

1 AD# G18000167 Based on Seagate Technology's LX-3 Performance Characterization report, 2018 (Virtual Test Results)

PowerVault ME4 Series

Entry level performance, scale and simplicity

 EBOD Expansion Enclosures1
RBOD Models with RAID Controllers: ME4012 ME4024 ME4084 ME412 ME424 ME484
Configurations: 2U12 drives 2U24 drives 5U84 drives 2U12 drives 2u24 drives 5U84 drives
Max Raw Capacity2 3.1PB 3.0PB 4PB 9 x 2U enclosures (behind ME4012/ME4024)
Min/Max Drives 2/264 2/276 28/336 3 x 5U enclosures (behind ME4012/ME4024/ME4084
Media Hybrid (0-100% Flash)
Protocols 8/16Gb FC, 1/10Gb iSCSI, 12Gb SAS 2Gb SAS Backend
Data Protection Virtual Copy, Snapshots, Async Replication,SEDs
Performance Tiering, SSD Read Cache
Integration vCenter vSphere Plugin, SRM Plugin
Management PowerVault Manager
Architecture ADAPT, Thin provisioning, Internal Key Manager (encryption)

1 ME Expansion Units (DAE) cannot be connected to a server directly (not a server-attached JBOD)

2 Three ME484 enclosures as expansion; PB maximum per array determined by use of Virtual or Linear mode

Connecting PowerVault and PowerEdge

Flexible expansion options for Dell Servers


Low Latency

Shared Storage


Shared Storage