Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs

AI-driven predictive, proactive support keeps end users working at full speed and IT admins looking ahead

Dell ProSupport Suite for PCs provides a range of support options to meet the needs of businesses from small companies to large enterprises.

Support to reduce IT time spent on routine tasks, ProSupport has 24x7 direct access to ProSupport engineers, onsite repairs on the next business day and automated, proactive issue resolution.

Or the highest level of support, ProSupport Plus includes all the features and benefits of ProSupport, as well as Accidental Damage service, actionable telemetry driven insights and recommendations into PC performance and predictive technology that virtually eliminates unplanned downtime.

Accidental Damage included with ProSupport Plus

What is Covered

✔ Liquid spilled on or in unit

✔ Drops, falls, and other collisions

✔ Electrical surge

✔ Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall

What is not Covered

✘ Damage due to fire

✘ Intentional damage

✘ Normal wear / Cosmetic damage

✘ Theft or loss

Key Benefits

✔ Accidental Damage is repaired in the office or on the go

✔ No out of cycle budget requests

✔ Prolonged life of your IT investment

Keep Your Hard Drive included with ProSupport Plus

If a hard drive replacement is needed, the customer keeps the hard drive and data

Key Benefits

  • Security - You control access and disposal of sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Compliance - You comply with privacy regulations (GDPR) and internal policies
  • Value - The service covers multiple drives in a system and multiple failures per drive.

The right support for your customers

Address your customer’s specific IT gaps and environment

  • Quick and direct access to engineers for fast resolution
  • Onsite service the next business day*
  • Hardware and software support
  • Desires early detection of performance issues
  • Gain telemetry-based insights into PC performance

*Onsite service after remote diagnosis

  • All the features of ProSupport
  • Advance notice of developing issues so they can be prevented
  • Quick repair or replacement of PCs for drops, spills
  • Control of data on hard drive when replaced
  • PC optimization for drivers, temp files and connectivity
  • Actionable recommendations on PC performance

  • All the features of ProSupport
  • Expert assistance to complement in-house IT
  • Support options to meet varying needs for large install base
  • Single point of contact for escalations, asset planning and incidents
  • Actionable recommendations on PC performance

*Must meet minimum requirements