Become a Rising Star and get rewarded for your loyalty and commitment

Fujitsu wants to reward our partners on all levels.That’s why we’ve created our Rising Stars loyalty program. With each purchase of an eligible product from a Fujitsu-authorized distributor, vendors/retailers collect points that can be redeemed as payment vouchers in the following quarter.

Sounds good? It gets even better: if you ordered eligible products in the current quarter, you have already accumulated points. To see them, you only need to register as Fujitsu Partner. Once registered, you will see your points in your Rising Stars dashboard. This is also where you can create vouchers to use as promotional discount (up to 50% of the purchase price) for your order(s) in the next quarter.

Who can become a Rising Star?

The short answer: you. The slightly longer one: all IT resellers who are registered Fujitsu Partners, excluding participants in other bonus agreements and those with Circle and Infinity status.

If you haven’t registered as a Fujitsu Partner yet,you can easily do so at

What’s the maximum amount of credit I can redeem?

You can collect a maximum value of 3,000 EUR/CHF/GBP in points per quarter. Up to 50% of your order balance can be paid with points.

How much points will I get per euro spent?

Points are equal to EURs and will be awarded for purchases of Fujitsu products that are part of this initiative. For an overview of eligible products and the respective points, please check the Rising Stars website (see URL below).

What else will I sign up for when I register as Fujitsu Partner?

In addition to your Rising Stars points, your Fujitsu Partner status means that you will have access to tools, benefits, training and support from Fujitsu.

Will I earn new points when I purchase an eligible product and use existing points as partial payment?

Yes. You will get points for your purchases of eligible products regardless of your payment methods.

Will I earn points with any order from Fujitsu?

Points are awarded for purchases of eligible products from our client computing devices and data center ranges. For an overview of eligible products and the respective points per item, please check the Rising Stars website (see URL below).

How do I redeem my points?

To redeem your points, log in as Fujitsu Partner at and navigate to the Rising Stars program. Here, you will see your available points, which you can use to create a voucher code. Your points can be converted into promotional vouchers that can be spent in the following quarter. Please note that you can pay no more than 50% of your order balance with vouchers! Your points need to be redeemed within the quarter following the one in which they were earned.

Don’t let your accumulated points go to waste –register as Fujitsu Partner now and become a Rising Star!

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