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Get crazy discounts and big savings on a wide range of Lenovo products, programs, and solutions.

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Server and Storage offers

Take advantage of huge savings on leading DM Storage solutions, FREE SSDs when you buy DE Storage systems, and big discounts on Intel® Xeon® Gold processor servers.

DM Crazy Discount

Huge discounts on selected DM Hardware and Services!

Looking to sell more ThinkSystem DM Storage solutions? Take advantage of the crazy 15% discounts on the DM3000 and DM5X00 ranges, as well as DM Services, and accelerate your sales today!

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FREE ThinkSystem DE SSD!

Buy a minimum of 4 SSDs with a DE system and get one FREE!

The ThinkSystem DE series is known for secure, high performance blockstorage, delivering industry-leading reliability, faster data access and rapid app response to SMEs. But what if we told you it’s possible to boost its potential even further?

By replacing HDDs with SSDs, DE systems become faster, more reliable and use less power! It’s the perfect way to make the most of your customers’ storage investment.

To help you enhance your customers’ storage, we’re giving a free SSD when you buy a DE system with a minimum of 4 SSDs. Don’t miss out!

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Get 20% off #PureGold solutions!

Huge savings on Lenovo Premier Services and Intel® Xeon® Gold processor servers

Take a golden opportunity to give your customers a premier Lenovo® experience! With Lenovo #PureGold, you’ll get a 20% discount when you buy Lenovo Premier Support Services and Intel® Xeon® Gold powered servers together!

The Lenovo #PureGold promotion runs from January 1st to September 30th 2021.

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Lenovo solutions and services deals

Give your customers the power to grow and support their business with the latest deals from Lenovo. Get 5 years of DCG support services for the price of 4 and claim huge discounts on leading Lenovo and VMware technology.

Get 5 years DCG services support for the price of 4!

Give your customers more expert around- the-clock support for less! Choose either “Essential Support” or “Advanced Support” to match your customers’ needs and get 5 years for the price of 4.

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Essential Support !

  • 4-hour onsite response time –– 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Onsite installation of all replacement parts
  • YourDrive and YourData retentions services Warranty extension to 3-5 years

Advanced Support

  • 6-hours CSR –– 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • System restore within 6 hours
  • Base warranty upgrade covering onsite installation of all replacement parts
  • YourDrive and YourData retentions services

Get huge discounts on ThinkAgile VX solutions!

Empower business growth with leading Lenovo and VMware technology

Give your customers secure remote working on any cloud, app, or device by leveraging the cutting-edge ThinkAgile VX portfolio of verified infrastructure, software, and services –– all of which are specifically designed for virtualisation, convergence, and hybrid cloud.

Don’t miss the chance to claim amazing discounts on the ThinkAgile VX portfolio when you sell. You can:

  • Get up to 10% discount when selling a ThinkAgile VX solution
  • Receive a 5% discount code when you sell ThinkAgile VX Nodes and add Services
  • Get 10% off when you sell data centre VMware licenses, Services and ThinkAgile VX solutions together

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ThinkAgile MX – the full HCI solution

Get big discounts when you sell!

With Lenovo ThinkAgile MX for Azure Stack HCI, you can provide your customers with a full HCI solution from only €20,000! It’s the perfect way to integrate hyperconverged infrastructure with Azure and hybrid services, which enables your customers to run their virtual workloads on premises.

Plus, with a whole range of discounts available, you’ll be selling in no time at all! Don’t miss out on:

  • 10% discount when you sell a ThinkAgile MX solution
  • 5% discount code when you sell ThinkAgile MX Nodes and add Services
  • 10% discount when you sell Windows Server 2019 Datacentre licenses, Services and ThinkAgile MX together

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Unlock big discounts and rewards with Lenovo

Claim cash rebates for old hardware and get amazing rewards with the award-winning LEAP loyalty program.

Don’t miss the Lenovo Trade Up Program

Cash rebates for your customers’ old hardware!

Don't leave your customers’ behind with old technology! Help them upgrade for less and drive their business forward with the Lenovo Trade Up program.

The Lenovo Trade Up program gives you the exclusive opportunity to scrap your customers’ old hardware and receive cash back when you purchase any of the Lenovo Data Centre Trade Up eligible products.

You can claim up to:

  • €100 for Servers
  • €1000 for Storage
  • €877 for Lenovo Switches
  • €183 for Microsoft licenses

Upgrade your customers’ data centres with smarter Lenovo Technology and help them reduce costs and complexities!

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Sell, learn, and LEAP forward!

Get amazing rewards with the LEAP loyalty program

Lenovo Expert Achievers Program (LEAP) is our award-winning loyalty program designed to help you promote, sell, and learn about DCG products. You earn LEAP points every time you sell eligible DCG products or take LEAP learning modules. LEAP Points add up fast and can be used to claim a range of incredible rewards!

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