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Efficient by Nature

Exponential performance x energy efficiency

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Power through demanding workloads with the most capable x86 server processors in the game. AMD EPYC state-of-the-art processors support high-aptitude configurations for containerized applications, high performance computing, large databases, software development, virtualization, and other use cases.

Best in Class Features

Deploy the industry-leading specs you need to tackle processor intensive high-performance computing solutions.

  • Grind through workloads that use large datasets with 6x more cache per socket
  • Excellent I/O with 128 PCIe lanes per socket
  • 8 memory channels and support for up to 4TB of memory per socket
  • Up to 64 cores to tackle multi-threaded applications with total ease
  • Secure with encrypted memory and VM isolation

With EPYC, ALSO partners, data center clients and IT experts have a competitive, differentiated product to set up high capability server configurations.


AMD EPYC processors are a natural choice for modern enterprises looking for uncompromising performance, sustainability, cost/performance value, and security.

Breakthrough Compute Power

Faster CPU clock speeds, high-storage, higher cache capacity, 160 PCIe 4 I/O lanes, 128 cores, and 4 TB of memory. Deliver exceptional performance for the work workloads you run every day. Upgraded architecture enables impressive single-thread and superior multi-thread performance.

Leader in Energy Efficiency

Designed in line with AMD’s aim to deliver a 30x increase in energy efficiency by 2025 – EPYC processors are perfect for the era of climate change. Unlock unprecedented energy efficiency with up to 100% higher performance per watt than the competition.

Excellent price/performance perspective

Get more bang for the buck with high performance computing, storage, and other demanding applications. Create strong value while lowering initial costs and cutting back on ongoing energy consumption.

Flexibility for maximum business agility

With AMD EPYC processors, ALSO partners can scale up and out to support data center flexibility and varying business applications. Solve your most demanding technological use cases with the freedom to adapt your cost and performance needs.

Built-in Security Capabilities

AMD EPYC processors deliver the most up-to-date security implementations to combat vulnerabilities. Each processor supports encrypted memory and VM isolation with in-built AMD Secure Boot technology.

Get More with AMD EPYC

Getting the right server setup is crucial to prevent service outages, operation issues, lost productivity, and repair costs. ALSO server specialists can help you get more by adapting AMD EPYC to your use case(s).

Get in touch to learn more about how AMD EPYC energy efficient processors can save you money over time.

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