Always connected, always productive

Featuring options for the Microsoft SQ1 and the new SQ2 processor, lighting fast 4G+ LTE connection speeds and all-day 15-hour battery life, the Surface Pro X empowers workforces to work from anywhere and delivers PC-class power and performance in Microsoft’s thinnest, ultra-mobile design.

Connect securely from nearly anywhere

Give workforces the freedom to work from nearly anywhere with speedy 4G LTE bands worldwide.

AI-powered eye contact for video calls

Users can leverage the power of AI to adjust their gaze and enhance eye contact on video calls.

All day battery life

Your customers’ employees can roam free and work wherever they need to with up to 15 hours of battery life.

Powerful performance

PC-class power and performance in an ultra-thin form factor is made possible by the custom Microsoft SQ® 1 and Microsoft SQ® 2 processor that tap Qualcomm's mobile DNA.

Ahead of the curve

Empower workforces with modern connections, adaptable workflows, an innovative removeable hard drive, and extended screen space.

Two versatile USC-C ports

Modern connections that enable workforces to adapt to any task. Connect to displays, docking stations and more, as well as charge accessories.

Adaptable workflows

With the innovative, built-in kickstand, Surface Pro X can handle any modern workplace challenge.

Easy to grasp and touch in Tablet Mode, type and use the mouse in Laptop Mode, and ink with Surface Pen* in Studio Mode.

*surface pen sold separately

Enhanced security

Improved security with removable hard drive for data retention.

Edge-to edge display

Edge-to-edge, razor-thin bezels and a 3:2 aspect ratio provide workforces with 13 inches of screen space to work efficiently and with complete clarity.

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