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Cisco Catalyst: redefining the enterprise experience

The Cisco Catalyst portfolio allows your enterprise customers to optimise their hybrid work requirements with improved bandwidth, speed, power, and scalability.

With Catalyst products, your enterprise customers can combine wired and wireless solutions to reduce operating costs and increase network security while building a scalable foundation for growth.


Transform workspaces for hybrid work with a platform that delivers high bandwidth, speed, scale, and power.

Improved security

Safer network by leveraging advanced AI/ML to apply continuous zero trust security anywhere it’s needed.

Reduce operating costs

Unified wired and wireless infrastructure allows for a single OS, helping your customers save crucial resources.


Converged switching/routing capabilities, enhanced app-hosting and more config automation for smarter campus and branch applications.

Cisco Switches: building a powerful network for SMBs

With Cisco Switches products, your SMB customers are equipped with a portfolio to support them at every stage of their business growth.


Predictable performance in a compact form factor ideal for small to medium-sized business deployments.


Plug-and-play without a need for IT know-how or support.

High performance

Improve overall network performance with Gigabit Ethernet and gigabit, multigigabit, and 10G ports.


Integrated security helps to prevent unauthorised access.