Getting started with Microsoft 365

ALSO is committed to providing holistic support services to partners and, by extension, their customers too. By facilitating technical development through comprehensive support provisions, ALSO can help secure business growth for years to come. When considering making the switch to Microsoft 365, organisations can count on ALSO’s expertise at every stage.

Here is a five-step process for getting started.

Step.1 Identify specific organizational needs

Microsoft 365 is available in several versions with varying features and subscription options. An important first step is to align the specific needs of the organization (includingsize, type and existing IT environment) with the optimal solution. ALSO undertakes bespoke analyses for IT partners, identifying specific organisational needs and providing extensive and partner-specific evaluations that deliver meaningful insights and complete recommendations for action.

Step 2: Evaluate costs versus benefits

Moving to Microsoft 365 has associated costs, but these should be balanced against the benefits offered by the platform. Adopting a cloud solution incurs migration and training costs, but increased productivity and compliance will generate greater value in the long term.

Step 3: Plan the migration

Transitioning to Microsoft 365 requires careful planning as it involves the creation of multiple accounts and access permissions, as well as the migration of on-premises infrastructure into the cloud. Migration can be especially complex if there are many users or complex requirements involved. In these circumstances, ALSO is able to provide partners with a certified Microsoft technician whose expertise and knowledge will speed up the design, implementation and management of the journey towards full Microsoft 365 integration, making it as simple and seamless as possible.

Step 4: Understand the security implications

It is vital to understand the security implications of migrating information from on-premises environments into the cloud, and to determine the right level of security. While cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 are best suited to meet new compliance standards, any migration plan should be thoroughly interrogated to ensure it does not violate GDPR guidelines.

Step 5: Support end users

Microsoft 365 is designed to change the way people work. Comprehensive support is therefore critical for adoption and positive user experiences. ALSO provides full training to organisations’ IT support staff. Through comprehensive training workshops and detailed support packs, they will be fully equipped to handle questions and provide seamless support to customers.

Find an implementation partner

As one of Europe’s largest end-to-end IT service providers, ALSO has a network of thousands of Microsoft 365 resellers and consultants across 18 European countries. Search our partner network to find one that matches your needs.

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