Common Azure scenarios

Microsoft Azure delivers services and related products in 26 categories – from AI, to blockchain, to confidential computing, and beyond. The following scenarios reflect just a few of the areas where Azure can deliver significant value.

Give employees the best virtual desktop experience with Azure

Azure enables organisations to equip their employees with virtual desktops running Windows 10 and always up-to-date versions of familiar Office apps. This flexible and scalable infrastructure solution delivers simplified management, supports Remote Desktop Services and can be deployed and scaled on Azure in minutes.

Azure delivers:

Superior virtual desktop experiences

Increase user productivity with a multi-session Windows 10 desktop that stays up to date and is available on any device.

Simplified migration for Remote Desktop Services

Migrate existing remote desktops and apps to Azure with ease.

Increased security and compliance

Deploy Windows 10 desktops and apps on Azure and get built-in security and compliance features.

Rapid deployment

Virtualise and deploy modern and legacy desktop apps at speed, with unified management via the Azure portal.

Gain peace of mind with a compliant and cost-effective cloud data solution

Azure offers massively scalable cloud storage solutions to help organisations keep pace with the exponential growth of their enterprise data.

Moving backup storage to the cloud dramatically reduces the cost of infrastructure and management while ensuring enterprise-grade security for data whether it is in transit or at rest. Back up data is archived in a preferred Azure datacentre region for immediate access should data or applications need to be restored.

Azure delivers:

Simplified backup and archiving

Reduce business disruption and costs with backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage solutions that allow data and applications to be easily restored from the cloud.

Unrivalled compliance

Rely on the most comprehensive compliance portfolio available, with policies designed to meet both business needs and regulatory requirements.

Unlimited scalability

Ensure storage and security solutions grow in step with business and data requirements.

Secure access from anywhere

Pick any Azure datacentre region around the globe as a backup and archive location.

Bring apps faster and smarter to market

Azure makes it easy to create, test, deploy and scale web and mobile applications in the cloud. Azure supports a wide variety of programming languages, including .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python, for deployment in containers or on any operating system. Developers can also access a range of pre-built APIs for simple integration with cloud services such as Office 365.

The Azure App Service supports this offering by providing fully managed platform for running and scaling apps. The platform provides a single point of enquiry for monitoring performance and gathering operational insights in line with rigorous compliance requirements.

Azure delivers:

  • Best-in-class tools & integrated DevOps: Spend less time performing repetitive tasks and more time creating apps users love and trust.

  • Full integration across Azure services: Build in popular Azure services – like search or Azure maps – for enhanced user experiences.

  • Advanced security and compliance: Host apps on a highly secure cloud platform that complies with all regulatory standards.

  • Actionable insights and analytics: View end-to-end application performance and health to inform better development decisions.

Accelerate smart production with Azure IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has matured into a viable and accessible technology for manufacturers of all types and sizes. Whatever rolls off the production line, Azure delivers the devices, tools, data analytics, and security capabilities to help enterprises succeed with IoT, from securing greater operational efficiencies to generating new revenue streams.

For discreet manufacturers, Azure IoT solutions support the seamless connection of sensors, machines, automation processes and software across operations – no matter where they are located. These capabilities enable improved process visibility in real time, increased asset utilisation and uptime, and faster identification and remediation of quality issues.

Azure delivers:

Predictive maintenance

Reduce downtime and lost revenue by discovering anomalies before they become critical issues.

Equipment efficiencies

Gain critical insights into plant performance relative to capacity by using sensors to collect data along the production line.

Smart facility management

Optimise space, energy consumption and workforce productivity for a safer, more efficient factory floor.

Intelligent supply chains

Build a smarter supply chain with a real-time overview that integrates business planning, demand forecasting and track-and-trace monitoring.

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