Common Data Service

Unify data and quickly create effective apps using Common Data Service, a compliant and scalable data service

and app platform with PowerApps integration.

A powerful, built-in data platform

Common Data Service lets organisations securely store and manage business applications data. By using standard and custom entities, Common Data Service provides workforces with a safe cloud-based storage option for their data, streamlined and automated processes, and familiar, intuitive functions that help drive efficiencies and productivity.

Built using the common data model

Using the shared data language of the Common Data Model, the Common Data Service allows workforces to define a set of over 200 standard business entities, making it easier for both employees and third parties to build bespoke apps customised to specific business needs with custom entities and fields.

Automate apps with reusable business logic and rules

Guide people through business procedures, automate workflows, and set rules for data validation using predefined business processes from Dynamics 365 entities to maintain consistency across apps.

Standardised data for streamlined workflows

Common Data Service standardises data through the common data model, making it easier to build and run apps. Dynamics 365 applications are built natively using this common source of data, which helps employees build apps within PowerApps without needing additional integration.

Reusable skills across Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

Users who have previously developed skills in PowerApps or Dynamics 365 can now leverage them across the Common Data Service platform. Creating entities, forms and charts that are universal across applications.

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