Modern Workplace as a Service

Modern WaaS offers a complete, flexible and easily scalable model for managing

workplace IT solutions.

Introducing WaaS for modern workplaces

Modern Workplace as a Service offers a new paradigm for building, deploying and servicing Microsoft modern workplace solutions.

It delivers better and more consistent user experiences, simplifies IT maintenance – including security across devices – and reduces costs related to software updates and support.

Gain more freedom to focus on business

As digital transformation changes the way people work and collaborate, organizations of all types and sizes are realizing the benefits of holistic, on-demand workplace solutions.

Reduced acquisition costs

Based on flexible lease models

Less downtime

Through a continuous update model

Tailored solutions

For specific business needs and models


To match the needs of a growing business

Simple device management

Handling all devices, including BYOB

Dependable security

For sharing, access and identity across devices and locations

Helping SMBs get off the ground

WaaS offers multiple benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. It can provide a tailored suite of relevant apps, along with licenses and support, in a single solution that can evolve and grow alongside the business.


With modern, flexible technology solutions and the right support organisations can strengthen their mission and deliver services that accelerate employee productivity, but they often lack the expertise and capacity to implement such complex IT infrastructures. Together with Microsoft, ALSO provides the knowledge and technical resources partners need to start supporting a variety of market verticals, providing them with the right tools and services to achieve their goals through WaaS.

Commercial and Governmental

ALSO provide full lifecycle management for WaaS to empower partners with intuitive and effective technology provisions for Commercial and Governmental customers.


With comprehensive hardware and finance services and seamless logistic and IT management provisions, ALSO remove the inherent complexity associated with implementing a WaaS solution and offer partners a simple delivery method to service their Education customers.

Find a WaaS partner

As one of Europe’s largest end-to-end IT service providers, ALSO has a network of thousands of Microsoft 365 resellers and consultants across 18 European countries. Search our partner network to find one that matches your needs.

Are you a WaaS partner?

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