Successful datacentre optimisation with Azure

Help your customers transition to Azure and benefit by divesting infrastructure and focusing on innovation.

Ageing datacentres are a pain point for organisations

Talk to any IT manager that has responsibility for an ageing on-premises datacentre and they are likely to identify the same concerns:

  • Limited capacity but no resources to upgrade
  • Inability to handle peaks
  • Increasing maintenance and operating costs
  • Poor integration between inherited infrastructure
  • No overview of security and compliance gaps
  • Unsure of GDPR compliance
  • Limited opportunity to innovate/offer more services

Datacentre optimisation on Azure is an effective solution for all these challenges. By moving infrastructure to the cloud, organisations free themselves from the cost of managing on-premises solutions and the associated security and compliance risks. This releases time and resources that are much better spent on improving productivity and innovation.

Understand DCO opportunities with Azure

Whether you operate a datacentre practice today or have a solution running in a datacentre you no longer want to manage, optimisation with Azure represents a significant opportunity to increase revenue and build lasting customer relationships.

By supporting a client’s transition to the cloud, you expand your ability to serve them. Azure adds modern development techniques and advanced platform capabilities to your portfolio, and this in turn brings new Azure-related revenue streams – from cloud assessment and planning, to migration and ongoing managed services.


Gain strategic advantages for your DCO business

  • Flexible cost structure: Customers only pay for what they use.

  • Reduced infrastructure costs: Consolidate hardware and reduce real estate footprint.

  • New business opportunities: Grow your customer base with tailored solutions and related services.

  • Stronger customer engagement: Sustain relationships by delivering on evolving needs.

  • New capabilities: Expand your portfolio with additional cloud services.

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