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What is Azure Access CSP Proof of Concept (PoC)?

As an ALSO partner, the Azure Access CSP PoC provides you with a powerful tool for accelerating customer buy-in. Executing a PoC in a specific working environment will enable you to demonstrate the value of Azure in a highly concrete way so your customers understand the benefits they can expect from the platform.

To support your efforts, ALSO will provide your customer with free Azure credit via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. This means ALSO pays for all your customer’s Azure consumption during the PoC period, up to an agreed limit, so you get the flexibility you need to close the deal.

What Azure projects are eligible?

The Azure PoC credit is available for ALSO Partners that have a new Azure deal opportunity that meets three basic requirements.

PoC credit requirements

  • Customers must be small to medium-sized businesses, corporate or enterprise-level.
  • The projected minimum annual Azure consumption must exceed €6,000.
  • Partners can submit a maximum of 2 PoC requests per customer.

Supercharge the PoC experience with support from ALSO

Our engineers will help you to:

Assess customer’s existing environment

Create solution architecture

Prepare migration plan

Handle post-migration support

How to get your customer started with an Azure PoC


Reach out to your local ALSO Azure representative to discuss the opportunity (including PoC amount and duration).


ALSO will drive the request procedure and decision process, which normally takes 2–4 business days.


Create your customer’s Azure subscription inside ALSO Cloud Marketplace.


Execute the PoC with all Azure consumption covered free of charge for the duration specified above.* ALSO engineers will provide support if needed.

Once the credit or PoC duration is exceeded (whichever comes first), further consumption is charged to the partner. Purchase of reserved instances (RI), reserved capacity or use of Azure Marketplace is not permitted during the PoC process.

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