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ALSO is Europe's leading IT distributor with over 3,500 employees in more than 15 countries. We guide our professional partners and their customers to the most modern cloud and software solutions on the market and support them on their Azure journey – every step of the way.

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Partner with ALSO for a superior Azure experience

Partner with ALSO to get all the benefits of Microsoft Azure plus dedicated support and exclusive tools for every cloud scenario.

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace provides instant access to over 100 Microsoft Azure applications and over 700 cloud services, including many non-Microsoft offerings, which can be combined to create comprehensive and tailored cloud solutions.

Get instant access to powerful features

  • Migration support: Access comprehensive assessment, planning and implementation services for all types of migration, including from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

  • Free Proof of Concept: Assess project feasibility and convince customers or other stakeholders about the benefits of cloud migration by running a free trial in a particular work environment.

  • Total transparency: Receive timely reports, estimates and summaries for a comprehensive and real-time overview of usage and costs.

  • Simplified billing and subscriptions: Get billed only for the Azure services used and take advantage of services provided in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace to manage subscriptions with minimal effort.

Start right with comprehensive assessment support

ALSO will review a customer’s environment and provide recommendations for tools to run a full assessment. Automated cloud migration tools can provide insights into existing infrastructure, workloads and app interdependencies to provide a basis for building out a cloud migration plan.

Once the assessment has been performed, it can be shared with ALSO engineers for further analysis. ALSO engineers will be able to evaluate how best to move each on-premises application and assist in designing the solution architecture. ALSO will help to identify and prioritise applications that are cloud-ready in order to get the migration moving quickly.

ALSO provides:

  • A dedicated, local Microsoft Azure specialist
  • Assessment support and review
  • Assessment tools
  • Recommendations on migration strategy
  • Guidance on Azure solution design

Migrate to Azure with speed and confidence

ALSO and the customer’s IT partner work closely together to build the optimal Microsoft Azure solution architecture based on the customer’s needs. ALSO provides a detailed roadmap to ensure that the transition is seamless, secure and fully compliant with all data regulations.

Once the customer’s migration is underway, ALSO’s certified Azure engineers remain on standby to provide full support. From replication of on-premises servers and VMs, to testing apps before full deployment, to workload optimisation in the cloud, to ongoing support post-migration – ALSO is there every step of the way.

ALSO provides:

  • Migration support from certified Azure engineers
  • Co-development of solution architecture
  • Migration plan development
  • Migration assistance and tools

Secure organisational cloud-readiness

ALSO’s Azure services extend far beyond cloud migration and optimisation, because successful cloud adoption depends on minds as much as machines.

ALSO’s engagement includes initial facilitated workshops with key team members and other internal stakeholders to review and assess current cloud readiness. These sessions document current status and approach and highlight gaps in areas such as governance, security and training.

ALSO provides:

  • Facilitated readiness workshops
  • Cloud-readiness assessments
  • Adoption support
  • Staff training

Boost sales and marketing impact

ALSO provides a range of services to support Azure sales and marketing efforts, from market research and lead generation, to specialist sales training and Azure bootcamps. These high-quality services are delivered by teams of certified and experienced Azure professionals and are fully scalable to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers as well as specific Azure contexts.

ALSO provides:

  • Market research
  • Support in lead generation
  • Telesales assistance
  • Sales training and intensive bootcamps
  • Existing customer recovery

Grow your Azure business in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace makes it easier than ever for IT partners to tailor their Azure services directly to the needs of their customers. By combining ALSO’s wide range of cloud solutions with their existing product and service offerings, partners can expand their reach and build even deeper relationships with their customers.

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