Office 365 is so much more than just Word, Excel and PowerPoint – it’s a complete and intelligent modern workplace solution

that helps boost organisational performance on the parameters that count.

1. Breaks down communication barriers

Effective communication is crucial for driving productivity, especially as mobile working practices increase

the potential for information gaps and bottlenecks.

Office 365 combines powerful communication apps that keep the whole team in contact and aligned to a common purpose.


Ensures teams stay connected and organised everywhere, with fully integrated email, calendaring and contacts.


Keeps everyone working in sync with a central hub for all task-related collaboration – including file sharing, chats and video conferences.


Facilitates spontaneous real-time discussions to ensure everyone stays up to date on the latest developments.

4 hours

Per week saved by improved information sharing

2. Makes every meeting count

Every minute counts in the modern workplace, and many organisations identify unnecessary

face-to-face meetings as a significant drain on resources.

Office 365 offers a suite of tools to optimise remote collaboration and reduce the need for physical meetings.


Integrates chat, video conferencing, file sharing and even third-party apps in a single focused workspace so teams can work together effectively, from anywhere, at the touch of a button.


Reduces the need for disruptive status meetings by enabling coordinators to create, assign and track the progress of projects in real time.


Provides an easy way to collect team feedback immediately and securely.

1–8 hours

saved per user per week though fewer and more efficient meetings.

3. Reduces search time

Searching for files and document versions takes up valuable time and results in frustration – especially in time-pressured situations.

Office 365 applications are designed to ensure that every piece of information is to hand when the team needs it.


Allows users to upload documents to the cloud and work on them from anywhere on any device – without adding duplicate versions and with total access control for sharing.


Reduces confusion and delays by granting multiple users access to a central repository for co-creating, storing and managing their files and documents.

30 minutes

Daily reduction in time users spend searching for information

4. Increases mobility

Having a mobile workforce can increase an organisation’s overall productivity, but only when employees

have constant access to their right information and tools to do their job.

Wherever employees go, Office 365 follows, keeping business moving forward by connecting people seamlessly and securely.

Office 365 apps

Enable full workflow portability, giving teams the freedom to create, collaborate and present across locations and devices.

Mobile device management

Ensures employees can work productively in different environments with enterprise-class protection for user access, devices, apps and data.

5 hours

Recovered weekly for mobile employees by year 3

5. Automates the heavy lifting

Repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be a burden and deflect attention away from business priorities.

Office 365 apps now feature AI capabilities that can automate many routine functions to help users do their best work.


Helps triage mail and makes calendar booking smarter, with suggestions for meeting time slots and reminders for follow ups.

Excel Data Types

Empowers users to rapidly populate, explore and present rich data sets – from demographics to share prices.

PowerPoint Designer

Automatically generates design ideas to choose from and then works in the background to align content.

6.2 bn

Hours of user productivity recovered by AI in 2021

Source: Gartner

6. Reduces downtime

IT downtime results in reduced productivity and potentially lost business.

Office 365 solutions are cloud-based and continually updated to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum

Office 365 suite

Is always up to date, removing the need for disruptive installations, reinstallations, version checks and end-of-support version management.


Global uptime for Office 365 (2019)

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