WaaS and Microsoft 365 for non-profits

Through a combination of WaaS and Microsoft 365, ALSO provides non-profit entities with the tools

and support necessary to revolutionize their mission to do good.

Empowering non-profits through technology

With the right technology and support non-profits can strengthen their missions and facilitate greater social impact. However, non-profit organizations often lack the know-how and IT resources to meet the goals of their vision. This opens them up to risks such as data breaches or cyberthreats. Together with Microsoft, we give you the means and information you need to start supporting non-profits everywhere and provide them with the right tools and technologies to advance their mission through digital transformation.

64% of non-profits have staff dedicated to digital strategy*

42% said their digital structures are broken and do not work*

60% do not have a digital policy for managing cyber security risks*

74% say they did not take critical security steps to protect email accounts*

*A look at how non-profits digitally transformed their organizations with Microsoft 365 to do more good, Microsoft eBook.

Our offer

Our Workplace-as-a-Service package for non-profits consists of:

  • Modern and secure devices

  • Up to 10 free Microsoft 365 Business seats

  • Additional value services

Alternatively, you can offer non-profits Microsoft 365 Business licences without devices or additional value services.

Microsoft, ALSO and YOU

As a registered ALSO partner, you have access to the whole ALSO network and can leverage all our experts and our support staff to help you in growing your business.

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