Lexmark Sustainability

Help your customers reduce their impact on the environment and improve their bottom line.

Through Lexmark, you can provide sustainable solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle—from sustainable design to efficient use to responsible recycling. Watch now.

Sustainability is an important topic in businesses across all industries. Your customers want to: 

  • Minimise their impact on the environment
  • Work with environmentally focused partners
  • Communicate a sustainability focus to the marketplace
  • Reduce waste, reuse, recycle and increase efficiency

Together with Lexmark, you can deliver it all.

When it comes to sustainability, print is often a missed opportunity.

Lexmark devices are produced using materials derived from sustainable sources and designed to have minimal impact on the environment throughout the print lifecycle.

Reduce your impact on the environment and improve your bottom line.

You can help your customers minimise costs by keeping devices in use longer and save on supplies through digitally informed supply chain operations.  Lexmark’s print system was designed with long-life imaging components to save resources, reduce waste and require less maintenance, saving money over the life of each device.

As your sustainability vendor, Lexmark helps you:

  • Deliver the technology, programmes and services that make it easy to help your customers achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Provide solutions that drive sustainability and navigate industry-specific regulatory pressures and environmental best practices.

  • Improve your customers’ business and reduce environmental impact with:
    • Sustainable design 
    • Efficient use 
    • Responsible reuse and recycling

Partner enablement resources

Helping your customers achieve sustainability—from start to finish

Lexmark offers the highest number of printer models with significant PCR content in the industry—currently four times more than the nearest competitor.

Sustainable design

Lexmark products are designed to have minimal effects on the environment throughout the entire life, including manufacturing and distribution. And because Lexmark devices are intentionally designed to last longer—7+ years—your customers can refresh devices less often, saving on energy needed to produce and transport devices as well as reducing the amount of raw materials used.

  • Sturdy, industrial metal frames
  • Considerate material selection
  • Incorporated, reclaimed post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic
  • Onboard sensors to assess toner levels and service needs
  • Long-life imaging system components, including high-yield Unison™ toner cartridges
  • Extra memory, multi-core processing power
  • Supplies designed for second life
  • Security upgrades
  • Advanced energy-efficiency features and toner conservation capabilities

Lexmark products not only last longer, but there are fewer deliveries to a customer’s location and less interventions on the device—all good news for the environment and your bottom line.

The Lexmark product lifecycle supports the circular economy


  • ​Materials selection
  • ​​​Long-life components
  • ​​​Energy-efficient designs


  • ​​Common components
  • ​​​Recycled content, including closed-loop PCR


  • ​​Compact design
  • ​​​Efficient packaging designs
  • ​​​Regional manufacturing


  • ​​Automatic duplex
  • ​​​Energy-saving modes
  • ​​​High-yield cartridges
  • ​​Proactive printer maintenance

End of Life

  • ​​Easy-to-use collection programmes for reuse and recycling
  • ​​​In-house remanufacture and recycling
  • ​​Materials for next generation products

In the past 14 years, Lexmark has been able to incorporate more than 59 million pounds of recycled materials into the production of laser cartridges.

Efficient use

Lexmark offers solutions to help your customers reduce paper consumption, promote efficient use and reduce the environmental impact of printing and imaging activities.

Through Lexmark, your customers can leverage:

2020 Design for Recycling® Award

This annual award recognises manufacturers who have actively incorporated Design for Recycling® principles into their products and manufacturing processes.

Responsible reuse and recycling

As part of a focus on the circular economy, Lexmark offers sustainable services and programmes for recycling supplies and equipment.

Some of these programmes include:

Not only do these efforts promote innovation and economic growth, but they help your customers print sustainably without compromising on quality.

In the past 14 years, Lexmark has been able to incorporate more than 59 million pounds of recycled materials into the production of laser cartridges.

Reducing our own footprint, one step at a time

At Lexmark, we are committed to creating a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable future where we live and work. In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we continue to prioritise maintaining efficient use of natural resources at our manufacturing, research and development, and office facilities worldwide.

Lexmark also works closely with our suppliers to ensure our products and services reduce environmental impact and have a positive impact on people and communities.