Introduction to Network-as-a-Service (Part 1)

Curious on how you as a reseller can expand your business offering through the Network-as-a-Service solution (NaaS)? NaaS is a cloud-based management device that enables ALSO partners to deploy, manage, and operate network devices.

ALSO NaaS is a new generation of networking solution that works for large as well as small businesses. It is a platform that enables you as a re-seller to become an MSP with your own solution for networking - branded in your name and claiming the ownership of your end-customers and their data.

In this podcast Troels Andersen, Focus Sales Manager and Nikolaj Brink, Product Manager at ALSO will share more about what the solution is, how it works, and in which way it can benefit your business. Your host is Agam Bhushan, a tech consultant within digital transformation. He will be asking all the right questions. Making sure you are fully updated on how to secure a fast and stable deployment and full scalability at a low cost.

Listen today and keep yourself updated! If you are still curios on the topic, go listen to the next part of the NaaS solution (part 2) where more in-depth knowledge about the solution will be shared.

Get the full story by listening in below: