NEW: ALSO Network-as-a-Service.

It’s as easy as turning on the light.

Expand your business offering.

Offer customers next-level scalability.

  • Network solutions for small and large businesses
  • Cloud-based management of network and hardware
  • One control panel for security and scalability options
  • Easy plug and play deployment and expansion

Become an MSP with ALSO NaaS

ALSO NaaS offers you the opportunity to become a Managed Service Provider through user-friendly and scalable network-as-a-service and hardware management in the cloud. Expand your business offering for your customers with network solutions for small and large businesses. ALSO NaaS features a plug’n’play platform for network components that enables you to address all of your customers’ network management pain points.

How does ALSO NaaS work?

Scaling from single AP deployments to large scale enterprise and campus sites, ALSO NaaS solutions come in all shapes and sizes. ALSO NaaS is a multi-tenant platform that can be accessed from anywhere. The platform comprises network, switches with routers and firewalls and a completely cloud-based administration. All equipment connects with the network in a matter of minutes and can be managed from the control panel.

What are your

  • Expand your business and brand with easy to manage network-as-a-service
  • Offer customers intelligent network solutions with near-unlimited scalability
  • Secure stable performance with components based on Wi-Fi 6 technology
  • Pay-per-use service with low, fixed, or variable start-up costs for customers
  • Highest security – strong firewalls and login with two-factor authentication

What are your
customers’ benefits?

  • Infrastructure and data are kept in Denmark in ALSO controlled environment
  • A solution that enables high capacity and stable performance based on Wi-Fi 6
  • Delivery, installation, commission in days – you are up and running in no time
  • Full compliance with data security directives incl. two-factor authentication
  • Flexibility and scalability eliminate bottlenecks at unexpected workloads

A plug’n’play network solution with near-unlimited scalability, branded in your name, is a business opportunity not to be missed.

Imagine how easy it can be …
You select the necessary hardware and licenses for the solution. You configure the components in the control panel, install them at the customer’s site and connect them to the internet. In a matter of minutes they show up on the control panel and you are good to go.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Powered by Huawei CloudCampus
ALSO NaaS is built on the resilient, trusted architecture of Huawei CloudCampus Powered Managed Services. The service enables you to extend your service portfolio and help develop new revenue opportunities. ALSO has further developed the one-stop management platform to make it a tailor-made service for Nordic resellers.

Get network and customers
on a successful path

Intelligent O&M

  • Visualized user experience
  • Intelligent O&M, locating faults in minutes

90% fewer complaints

Cloud management

  • One platform across WAN, LAN, and WLAN
  • End-to-end SDN automation

50% OpEx savings

One global network

  • SD-WAN intelligent traffic steering
  • SRv6 enables one hop to cloud

40% interconnection
cost savings

Fully wireless networking

  • Airengine 8760 with16T16R smart antennas offers high performance
  • PCC hybrid cables deliver ultra-large bandwidth

40% higher productivity


How did Hasseris High
School become a
all-wireless school?

See case study


We make NaaS easy to understand, sell, deploy, and support. The key factor for success is to offer a comprehensive network portfolio with advanced analytic tools, the ability to scale in all sizes and offer flexible services.


Our platform is located in our Nordic datacentres to ensure data safety. In combination with the large selection of value-added services, we offer pre-installations, EoL services, IoT platform, finance services and more.


Multiple pricing options to help your sales thrive, depending on your customer needs and project size like pay per quarter/month option. Monthly fee includes fixed platform fee per reseller and device fee (incl. licenses).

ALSOs Huawei-specialister er klar til at hjælpe

Kontakt vores Huawei-specialister, hvis du har spørgsmål eller brug for hjælp vedrørende salg og forretningsudvikling.​