Enhanced Efficiency

The DGS-1250 Series is designed to do more with less. It offers ample port availability in 24 or 48 10/100/1000BASE-T configurations, while its 4 x 10G SFP+ ports can transmit massive amounts of information upstream and enable easy network expansion. A Console port is also installed, with Command-Line Interface (CLI) functionality, enabling easy troubleshooting and maintenance on the fly, without the need for an online connection.


Comprehensive Security

D-Link’s innovative Safeguard Engine helps to better protect switches against traffic flooding & virus attacks. 802.11X support allows authentication through external RADIUS servers. The Access Control List (ACL) feature enhances security & helps protect the internal IT network, such as ARP Spoofing prevention and other measures, while IP-MAC Port Binding, combined with Static Routing, enables communication between user groups in different VLAN segments, help keep things on track.


Management Flexibility

The DGS-1250 series is designed to make the lives of your network administrators easier by interfacing through whatever works best for them. Its CLI is supplemented with both Web Browser and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) functionality, enabling easy switch management in various scenarios, both on and offline. The D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) utility enables remote control over the network to the port level, while allowing easy D-Link Smart Managed Switch discovery and instant access.


Advanced Layer 2 Functions

The DGS-1250 Series comes equipped with complete L2 functionality, enabling direct server connection for fast, reliable data transfers. The switch can directly handle inter-VLAN routing using multiple interfaces, making the network run faster & more efficiently. The DGS-1250 Series also supports Auto Voice VLAN and Surveillance Mode, enabling identification and prioritization of Voice and Video traffic over regular network traffic. Auto Voice VLAN detects Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic and automatically segments it from the rest of the network, increasing security and allowing Quality of Service (QoS) to be applied.


DGS-1250 Series Port Combinations