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11-06-2019 - Tåstrup

Otrum Digital Signage

Otrum Signage is a powerful platform for communication across many business verticals. With ease of use as a founding principle, Otrum Signage offers a big impact with little effort. With drag and drop functionality, and an intuitive web portal design, minimal training is needed.

Features include:

  • Cloud based solution with regular software updates
  • Easy to use, install, maintain and monitor
  • Scalable solution with infinite number of screens and users
  • Secure, high up-time and low bandwidth usage
  • Compatible with major display brands and media players
  • Video streaming, 3rd party integrations to booking systems and RSS feeds, video, pictures, scheduling and flexible template editing
  • Wayfinding, including 3rd party integrations, via overview screens and digital door signs. Manage crowd flow in high traffic areas and give clear visual directions.

Target Market
Otrum Signage is a global product, and businesses in a wide range of industries are depending on it to get their message out there:

  • Hospitality and conference centers
  • Public sector (universities, public buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Retail, restaurants and fast food outlets
  • Office and meeting room wayfinding
  • Gyms and fitness centers.

Technical Features
Otrum Signage is already easy to use, but we make it even easier with online video tutorials to guide you along the way!
Please visit: https://otrumsignage.com/support/ for more information. Otrum Signage is currently integrated with the following:

  • Philips - Full Android Range
  • LG - WebOS 2.0 - WebOS 3.0 - WebOS 4.0
  • Samsung - SSSP2 - SSSP3 - SSSP4 TIZEN - SSSP5 TIZEN
  • Raspberry PI - please contact us for installation file: partnersupport@otrum.com
  • Android - generic app from Google Play
  • NEC - Compute module (Raspberry PI).