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15-08-2017 - Tåstrup

Information management made easy with Therefore™ Online SMB: available now in the also cloud marketplace!

Therefore™ Online SMB is a quick and easy information management solution that helps you take control of your data and handle information as an asset. Therefore™ Online SMB’s preconfigured document categories allow you to use this system according to your needs. The solution covers common business functions by offering categories for document storage, all set up with metadata fields, to help make both saving and searching for information as easy as 1-2-3!

Therefore™ Online SMB is the perfect document management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The 6 departmental solutions offered by the preconfigured package cover the following areas: Accounting, Contracts, Customer Support, Human Resources, Order Management, and Sales Support.

Advantages for Resellers:

  • The solution lets you diversify your portfolio with an attractive and powerful software solution
  • The package is preconfigured and requires no additional setup for customers to use
  • Opportunity for growth as the solution becomes a more integral part of how your customers run their business

Therefore Corporation creates technology that works for people by providing innovative information management software. Therefore offers solutions that unite printing and scanning devices, existing IT systems and process strategies to improve control, efficiency, and boost productivity. In September, we have set up a series of webinars “On-Line SMB Partner Demo” for you to get to know the service and its features. Webinars are available in different languages. Please go to ALSO.Cloud/webinars and register. Upon your registration, you will receive an official invite to the webinar with all details.