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18-10-2021 - Tåstrup


ALSO's Workplace as a Service offering provides IT resellers with a simple, flexible and scalable way to equip corporate workstations with state-of-the-art IT. No risk in the event of any loss of rental income and the reuse of old equipment as part of the circular economy - everything speaks for WaaS. Now resellers can even book their desired appointment for a personal call with the ALSO WaaS team directly online.

With WaaS, resellers can offer their end customers the option of using hardware and software in a subscription model over a flexible term starting at 12 months. Services such as hardware insurance, cloud backup, support and financing round off the offer.

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace provides specialist retailers with a simple platform on which they can centrally manage their WaaS offering. Hardware, software, cloud services and the financing offer including credit check come from a single source and are supplemented by the partners' own offer. After a successful check and conclusion of the contract, the partners receive their immediate commission for the entire term. And in the event of a rental default, the risk lies not with the specialist dealer, but with the financing service provider.

At the end of the term, the end customer returns the old devices. The data carriers are cleaned by a certified process so that no customer data can be reconstructed. The devices are then refurbished for reuse. As a rule, the specialist dealers receive follow-up orders before the end of the contract, which they initiate together with ALSO.

Robert Granich, Head of Device as a Service Europe at ALSO, is certain that now is the right time to make the move to the WaaS model: "With the switch from hardware and software provider to WaaS provider and thus to managed service provider, resellers have the opportunity to shape their business away from one-off projects towards recurring revenues with existing customers and thus with a view to the future."

ALSO offers comprehensive advice to partners who want to serve the WaaS trend. Detailed information, contact details and the new WaaS appointment service can be found on ALSO's WaaS landing page .