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Digital Logistic with the ALSO Smart & Secure Trolley

Elevate the transport of goods to a whole new level with the ALSO Smart & Secure Trolley. Built like a common logistics trolley, Dolly+ offers uncompromising theft protection before and during transport. Thanks to GPS-based tracking, customers always know exactly where their valuable goods are located; they can even control access and removal. What is more, Dolly+ offers mobile and secure storage at the recipient's premises too. ALSO offers this solution in an "as-a-service" business model for manufacturers and resellers in the ICT industry, as well as their customers.

Ready-to-use solution

Smart & Secure Trolley

Electronic lock​


Location sensor

via ALSO Cloud Marketplace

ALSO IoT Platform

IoT connectivity

Asset/device managemen

Lock PIN

Location tracking

via ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Smart & Secure Application

Operations & analytics

Step by step security

Monitor valuable goods & visualize data

We're offering you the smart solution

The location of the trolley can be monitored in real time using the built-in GPS tracker, giving both the sender and recipient a clear idea of where their good are at any given moment. Access rights can be managed electronically, which drastically reduces the risk of theft during transport and helps lower transport insurance. Thanks to an electronic lock, physical keys have been replaced by PIN codes. Codes can be sent by e-mail or SMS. This prevents unauthorised people from opening the lock and prevents goods from being removed if they are delivered to the wrong place.

Use Cases

Secure delivery of smartphones, tablets and other devices to retail stores

Protected return of laptops containing confidential data and tamper-proof delivery of preconfigured firewalls and servers to customers

Mobile and secure temporary storage for notebooks in businesses, stores or schools

Safe, packaging-free delivery and return of devices

Six reasons to start now!

Prevent the theft of valuable goods during transport and onsite

Block unauthorised access to confidential and precious content

Track valuable goods

Manage access rights electronically without physical keys

Real-time monitoring, event logging and notifications

Get analytics based on collected data

Benefit for resellers

Expand your service portfolio and offer your customers the Smart & Secure Trolley as an additional service or use it yourself for delivering and protecting valuable goods. Resellers can access all the benefits of Dolly+ in an “as-a-service” model.

Additional advantages

  • The Dolly+ GPS tracker can instantly locate lost or misdelivered goods, which saves time on extensive administration work.
  • Easily manoeuvred on floors and through doors and elevators
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Avoid expensive, direct point-to-point deliveries with couriers
  • Reduce packaging waste

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