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19.04.2018 - Tallinn

Meediateade: muudatused ALSO Grupi personalis

We are pleased to announce important personnel changes in ALSO Group.

Reiner Schwitzki, who has been spokesperson of the Management Board of ALSO Deutschland GmbH for the last seven years, has been appointed Chief Process Officer of the entire Group with immediate effect. In this role, he will drive forward the digitalization of all business processes.

Hermann Scharl, who has been Head of Logistics at ALSO Deutschland GmbH for the last 15 years, will become Chief Logistics Officer. He will assume technical responsibility for all logistics facilities of the ALSO Group in Europe. His task is to further develop operational quality and process efficiency, including measures based on best practices from Germany, and to implement strategic decisions for ALSO.

Simone Blome-Schwitzki will become spokesperson of the Management Board of ALSO Deutschland GmbH and will assume management of vendors from her predecessor Reiner Schwitzki in addition to her area of responsibility, Solutions.

Andreas Ruhland will also be appointed Managing Director Supply of ALSO Deutschland GmbH and will be responsible for the transactional business of ALSO Deutschland. He succeeds Sylke Rohbrecht, who is leaving the company at her own request. Ruhland will also remain Managing Director of the ALSO subsidiary MEDIUM.

These personnel decisions are a logical step in our ongoing transformation into an end-to-end solutions provider. We are working at full speed on digitalization, structural optimization and the development of new business models. At the same time, we are concentrating on the continuous but significant improvement of our efficiency.