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4.04.2017 - Tallinn

ALSO laiendab oma pilveteenuste platvormi koostöös Bezeq Internationaliga

• ALSO and Bezeq International sign Platform as a Service (PaaS) partnership for the ALSO Cloud Marketplace to reach Israel, with plans to expand further in the region

• Fifth strategic partnership expands ALSO Cloud Marketplace PaaS

ALSO (SIX: ALSN) and Bezeq International have signed a strategic partnership to expand a wide range of Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service cloud services to SMB and Enterprise customers in Israel. Both companies are joining forces to make the ALSO Cloud Marketplace Platform as a Service (PaaS) available to Bezeq International’s Channel partners.

ALSO is enabling Bezeq International to expand a wide range of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service to their customers, as well as a broad catalogue of managed services and connectivity services. Accelerated by the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP), the platform leverages new, vertical focused offerings for Channel partners.

“We continue to expand our partnerships in new regions, providing us with more opportunities for growth. Bezeq International joins a group of strong partnerships we have earlier announced in the UK and Ireland, Southern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle-East and South America. By adding new regions to the platform, the entire network of partners grows stronger, creating value for the entire group,” said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG.

“Bezeq International has been a pioneer of cloud services in Israel, with a strong track record of successful expansion in this new business area. Our first source of success is our focus on customer experience, where we have been recognized as a top-tier player in our market. Our strong partnerships with leading vendors and service providers such as Microsoft and Rackspace represent a second source of success. For the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, both key areas are present and we are very much looking forward to working together," said Eyal Zafrir, VP Business Sector & Business Development of Bezeq International.

Earlier in March 2017, ALSO announced a strategic partnership with Intcomex to make the ALSO Cloud Marketplace available to over 50,000 Channel partners in South America and the Caribbean. In October 2016, ALSO agreed on a strategic partnership with Innovix Distribution to make the ALSO Cloud Marketplace available to 5,500 of Innovix’s Channel partners starting in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, with plans to expand further in the region. Earlier in June of the same year, ALSO signed a strategic partnership with Logicom to provide the marketplace platform to more than 10,000 Logicom partners in 13 countries in Southern Europe and the Middle East, with plans to expand further in the region. In December 2015, ALSO and Westcoast agreed on a strategic cooperation to bring the ALSO Cloud Marketplace platform to Westcoast customers in the UK and Ireland.

Direct link to the press release: http://www.also.com/goto/20170404en


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