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24.02.2017 - Tallinn

ALSO võtab esimesena aastaaruannete avaldamiseks kasutusele uue lähenemise

ALSO is publishing "Spreading Knowledge," the world's first annual report featuring Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) elements. "2016 was a very successful year for ALSO. With this new form of reporting, we not only want to visualize last year’s key figures; we want to illuminate our complex business models with a compelling 360-degree experience. We have to start working with these technologies, especially as they gain importance for our more than 100,000 customers,” said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN).

The custom-designed ALSO VR app, which is available in the Apple and Google app stores, allows the viewer to virtually explore the world of ALSO in 360-degree rooms. With the ALSO-branded VR headset and a smartphone, users can watch the 360-degree videos and control the experience with their eyes. Moreover, the AR component of the app displays the ALSO Group’s most important financial figures three-dimensionally using the smartphone camera and the first page of the annual report.

"The app is the cornerstone of our digital communications and holds great potential that we will continue to tap for ourselves and for our customers. It is as innovative as it is informative. In the future, the app will enable us to provide inexpensive, fast, and web-based updates that will facilitate transparent communication with our stakeholders,” said Mr. Möller-Hergt.

Otselink VR/AR Aastaraportile (2016) ALSO veebilehel: http://www.also.com/goto/report2016

Otselink pressiteatele: http://www.also.com/goto/20170224en


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