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20.02.2017 - Tallinn

Avalikkuse käes olevate ALSO aktsiate hulk tõusis 48.7 protsendini

ALSO’s freefloat increases to 48.7 percent from 41.1 percent (as of December 31, 2016).

This is due to the ongoing exchange of ALSO shares relating to the Exchangeable Bond issued by a Schindler Group company. As a result, Schindler announced that Schindler Group’s investment holding of ALSO shares has fallen below 5 percent. Special Distribution Holding GmbH remains the majority shareholder of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN) with a shareholding of 51.3 percent. By the end of fiscal year 2016, the number of ALSO shareholders had increased from around 850 to more than 1700.

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