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24.03.2021 - Tallinn

Pressiteade: Uue normaalsuse lahendused

* In the Solutions portfolio ALSO draws on its diversified ecosystem to enables and support the shift to remote work

* Channel partners get customized support, tapping into the accumulated knowledge of the Technology Provider

* Marketable applications help companies become more flexible and eco-efficient

With its diversified Solutions portfolio, ALSO addresses challenges which have been emerging during the pandemic, turning challenges like the need for remote working environments, increased cybersecurity demands or hybrid cloud solutions into opportunities for channel partners.

ALSO’s ecosystem gives the Technology Provider direct access to a wide range of products and related services. Vertical solutions are instrumentalizing technological trends as well as digital platforms, offering affordable as-a-Service-Solutions particularly for Small and Medium Businesses. Channel Partners can count on ALSO’s support with a variety of ideas. Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN) explains: “We shape our solutions exactly to the needs of our partners and their customers. With the ecosystem developed over the last ten years we enable, consult, and support the channel. On top of our extensive product portfolio, we can tap into the overall ALSO capabilities, cherry-picking the best from all business models, services and platforms for a specific project. Especially with the constant rise of remote – whether it is in businesses, schools, administration or areas like healthcare, our Solutions expertise can offer a valuable contribution supporting the resellers.”

The current range of solutions shows how fast the team can react on specific needs: “Retirement Home Communication” helps people in care homes not to lose touch with their loved ones. A complete ecosystem for digital education enables remote schooling, taking into account the necessary digital infrastructure and network as well as devices and their financing for parents. Of course there is also a variety of IoT solutions for commercial areas such as “Visual Remote Guidance”, the “Smart&Secure Trolley” for logistics, ALSO’s low-energy Asset Tracker Solution and the “Workplace+” solution, enabling remote facility management and optimizing workplace allocation.

“The Solutions team is constantly scanning markets, technologies and economic trends to provide optimum support for channel partners and to generate incremental business together”, emphasizes Simone Blome-Schwitzki, Senior Vice President Solutions at ALSO. The best way for partners to get a good overview of the variety of offerings and possible application is to follow this link: www.also.com/goto/solutions