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The power of the pen

Important decisions are often made in person when people need reassurance to take the right course of action, or the documentation has to be signed at a face-to-face meeting to be legally binding.

From medical treatment to mortgages, a signature is still the most familiar and personal way to prove your commitment in important, decision-making moments. But workflows requiring in-person signatures are inefficient and time-consuming to complete when they rely solely on paper. Wacom’s solutions for signature capture bridge that gap.

Wacom Signature Devices

Signed in person, shared instantly

Signature Pads

Wacom’s advanced and robust premium signature pads feature a broad range of connectivity options including multiple choices for virtualized desktop environments, as well as sophisticated encryption and user convenience.

As a result, these signature pads have the flexibility to meet the growing demands of any organization implementing handwritten

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Pen Displays

Wacom pen Displays enable users to write, draw, or sign directly on screen with biometrically accurate and beautifully rendered digital ink.

Handling electronic forms and communicating complex concepts is as easy with Wacom Pen Displays as it is with pen and paper.

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Diverse Industries

Multiple Use Cases

Organizations around the world are taking advantage of Wacom for Business hardware and software to improve efficiencies, cut costs, reduce waste, tighten security, connect globally and introduce new services.


Healthcare organizations use Wacom solutions to confirm identities, capture signatures and augment patient care. It’s about digitizing consent, records and patient care with a human touch


Retailers and service providers want fast throughput, and customers want a quick and easy shopping experience. Wacom for Business products help deliver both.

Financial Services

Financial Services providers use Wacom for Business products to help secure legally binding agreements from customers for everything from account opening to credit contracts.

Public sector

Government and public sector organizations use Wacom for Business products to streamline citizen services and other functions, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.


Organizations in hospitality and tourism use Wacom for Business products to optimize the customer experience in a range of situations, from hotel check-in, to rental car pick-up.

Why choose Wacom devices?


Robust and low-maintenance devices that offer a natural and intuitive user experience; are built to work reliably across excessive hours of use; are perfect for in-person or remote working.

Easy to integrate

Wacom pen devices are built for hot swapping. No stopping, shutdown, or reboot needed. Maximum value of existing IT investments with easy-to-integrate hardware and software and software support for 3rd-party hardware.


Proven and trusted hardware and software solutions for various industries; physically and digitally secure solutions.


Cutting-edge digital ink technologies that modernize and innovate digital workflows on the way to digital transformation.

For more information, project pricing or demo requests please contact Noah Ykealo at noah.ykealo@also.com