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Wacom Creative

Start working more precise, faster and easier with a digital Wacom pen. This results in more productive and comfortable workflows and better quality results. Using a mouse limits productivity, creativity and ergonomics. The digital pen enables all the powerful, pressure-sensitive tools in the software your customers already own, all these tools can be used with Wacom products.

Motion Graphics/Video

Motion graphics and video editing require a blend of creativity and technical skill. Using Wacom's pressure-sensitive pen in Adobe Premier Pro® and After Effects Maxon Cinema 4D® or Apple Motion®, artists and editors have more control over frame-by-frame editing, rotoscoping and matte painting.

Animation & VFX

From storyboarding to post-production work, world-renowned animators, game developers and 3D sculptors turn to Wacom pen and display technology to create the characters, creatures, special effects and worlds in the games and movies that fans adore.

Auotomotive & Product Design

With Wacom, your product, automotive and fashion designers have the digital tools needed to improve the speed and quality of their ideation and iterative workflow. Pressure-sensitive pen displays and tables for sketching concepts sculpting, designing and manipulating 3D models and creating stunning renderings.

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