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Security add-on for Microsoft 365 email users

  • Single click deployment
  • Complementary to EOP/Defender
  • First 30 days free trial for every customer’s purchase

Boost your m365 offering

What is FilewallTM?

FileWall is a native security plugin for Microsoft 365 mailboxes protecting companies from malicious attachments.
With over 94% of malware delivered via email, hackers hide malicious code in standard files such as PDFs and Office documents to transfer and spread the attack. New malware is released daily, bypassing standard security systems that use detection-based anti-malware methods.
FileWall empowered with unique Deep File Analysis technology containing content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) patented algorithms for effective prevention of file-based attacks.

FilewallTM Advantages

Single click service activation

Suitable to work as an add-on with EOP & Defender

Effective for both internal and external senders

Protects against both known and unknown attacks

High level of client adoption with no sandbox-related delays

Deep file inspection including archive, password-protected, etc.

FilewallTM Reviews

“FileWall gives us unmatched malware protection and perfectly complements our Microsoft 365 deployment.”

Lance Soller, Group IT Manager, Clariter

“I was looking for a cost-effective solution that would take complete Protection against all incoming and outgoing attachments. I came across FileWall and now I can have granular control on my attachments with user-level and global level policies.”


“My experience with odix’s FileWall dashboard was straight forward and I love it. Its malware prevention and file sanitization engine I one of a kind and I’m looking forward to advise it to my customers.”


“FileWall seamlessly plugs into office 365. User involvement is minimal, making FileWall extremely easy to implement.”

Microsoft AppSource

“FileWall for exchange is designed to work using Microsoft’s Graph API and integrates directly with the service. Fundamentally, this makes the integrations simpler, at the service does not interfere with email delivery and instead interface directly with exchange online to perform scanning and remediation.