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Wacom for education

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Across the globe learning is still handwriting centric, especially in Mathematics and Science. This can make the shift to digital tasks challenging. Many schools are seeking effective apps and hardware to ensure a smoother transition for digital learning, especially for STEM lessons.

Expanding digital pen and ink technology from teachers to students opens up new possibilities for communication and collaboration in and out of the classroom. Using pen-enabled devices, teachers and students can explain complex concepts, take notes, provide feedback and show their work quickly and easily.

Wacom pen displays and tablets easily ‘plug in’ to the existing IT equipment in the classroom enabling members of the class to interact with the digital content being shared. The teacher never even needs to turn their back on the class.

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Collaboration is simple when working on shared documents and apps with the digital pen. There’s no new software to learn – you just work with the pen on the screen or tablet, instead of the mouse and keyboard on your computer.

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