How Original HP cartridges drive your environmental change!

Taking care of the environment is not only a hot topic, it's a growing necessity. However, as a professional you have more responsibilities: improving your processes and growing your business. HP Original products help you with both challenges.

ALSO is an authorized reseller, so you can be confident you're always getting the Original HP ink or toner cartridges.

Higher productivity, less paper wasted

Original HP cartridges give you a higher yield, that increases your productivity. Because the printer and ink are designed together, HP ink or toner cartridges are proven to outperform third party products. The authentic combination allows you to print more pages with fewer print errors. Because of the exceptional print quality, using Original HP cartridges may result in less paper wasted on reprints.

Different studies were held to evaluate the HP claims and a broad range of products was tested.

Check out some of these findings:

Original HP ink cartridges produced (on average) 50% more pages than non-HP ink cartridges.

Non-HP ink cartridges wasted 80 times more pages than Original HP ink cartridges.

4 out of 5 tested printers were permanently damaged by using non-HP ink cartridges

Imitations can use 32% more energy and 43% more fossil fuels.

Closing the loop!

Since 2017, 100% of Original HP toner cartridges and 80% of Original HP ink cartridges are made with recycled content from returned cartridges. Which results in the following reduction:

HP reduced its fossil fuel consumption by 60%

39% less water used

carbon footprint reduced by 30%

The right choice for the environment

HP cartridges can easily be recycled through HP Planet Partners. This free and easy return policy recycles your used Original HP ink and toner cartridges. The plastics are used as raw materials in the manufacturing of new ink and toners cartridges. With this closed-loop recycling, HP leads the way in a worldwide circular supply chain. Keeping the plastic cartridges out of the landfills and in the product loop.

How can you ensure your cartridges will remain a part of the product loop?
Learn more at:

For a few ink or toners cartridges:

  • return them to an authorized retail recycling location
  • or request a pre-paid mailing envelope

Up to 2,000 ink cartridges or 75 toner cartridges:

  • print or request postage-paid shipping materials

For more than 2,000 ink cartridges or 75 toner cartridges:

  • request a pallet pickup

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