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HP maintains a selective distribution network for the distribution and resale of HP products and services. This requires all authorised HP partners (managed and unmanaged) to meet technical and professional standards (Selective Distribution Criteria) to ensure proper marketing of HP products and services.

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From 01 November, you may only buy or sell HP Transactional Print products from or to a distributor, retailer, reseller or other vendor that is on the HP Authorised Partner list. If you are listed as an HP Authorised Partner, you can expect the following:

  • You may make purchases from HP or other authorised HP Partners
  • You may sell to other authorised HP Partners
  • Makes compliance with the SDC a condition of sale to any authorised HP Partner that resells HP Products or Services.

The implementation of the HP Authorised Partner List will help and facilitate the integrity of the selective distribution network, which is critical to a good shopping experience for customers and the protection of the HP brand.



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