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Educational Solutions

Wacom offers a wide range of effective and cost-saving solutions for the educational market. From primary schools to universities, Wacom can offer your end-customer with a wide range of solutions which will enhance the digital collaboration between teachers and students. Below you can find the various set-ups in which Wacom can help your customer to coop with the digital evolution in Education.

The pen still rules

Digital technology has less impact if teachers are limited by a mouse and keyboard. Adding a digital pen gives educators freedom with a tool that's familiar and intuitive to use.

Interactive pen devices are the digital equivalent of a classroom whiteboard, letting teachers.

  • write annotations and drawings on presentations while they teach
  • add notes to resources
  • share learning materials
  • write meaningful feedback on student assignments.

The result is an efficient workflow for teachers, and better learning outcomes for students.

On-Site Classroom Teaching

This set-up allows teachers use a pen display to create more engaging lessons in a physical classroom. Facing the students will create more interactivity between teachers and students and the Wacom pen solutions will provide teachers with a familiar way of teaching but digitally.

Recommended models: DTH-2452 , Cintiq 22’ / 16’ and Wacom one 13-inch.

Remote online teaching

Connecting the Wacom pen display with a computer allows teachers to deliver lessons to students at multiple locations. With the assistance of the Wacom pen teachers can easily add content, draw, and annotate in a digital form.

Recommended Wacom models: Wacom one 13-inch and One by Wacom (Google Chrome Certified)

Hybrid Classroom / Blended Learning

This solution provides teachers to use the Wacom pen display tablet connected to a computer in a hybrid mode where students and teachers can interact in-person or online.

Recommended Wacom models: DTH-2452, Cintiq 22’ / 16’ , Wacom one 13-inch and One by Wacom small/medium (Google Chrome certified)

Pen devices for all education types, levels and delivery modes


Pen Displays
Displays give teachers the pen and paper experience of a whiteboard they can use while facing students. The LCD screen sensors use patented EMR technology for perfect hand-eye coordination and precise writing and drawing.


Pen Tablets
The most cost-effective way to use digital pen and ink without a second screen. Pen Tablets provide an opaque writing surface for teachers and students to write onto slideshows, PDFs, digital whiteboards, and every application with an ink option.

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