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Huawei Partner ICT Competition 2020 Western Europe | Online

October 9th, 9:30 - 6:00pm CET

We  are  delighted  to  invite  you  to  follow  the  Final  Round  of  the  Huawei  Partner  ICT  Competition  2020  Western  Europe.

This  annual  event  is  designed  to  create  a  platform  for  Huawei’s  European  authorized  Enterprise  Partners  to  share  successful  practices  and  their  learnings  in  applying  Huawei  technology  to  solve  business  needs.  Now  in  its  4th  year,  The  Competition  attracts  a  wider  field  of  entries  each  year,  with  over  300  entries  from  7  European  countries  in  2020.  Contestants  come  from  a  wide  array  of  technical  backgrounds  from  the  ICT  industry. 

This  year’s  Final  will  see  presentations  from  the  finalists,  explaining  the  challenge  faced  by  their  clients  and  the  solutions  they  created  using  Huawei  technology. 

And  welcome  to  Virtual!

For  this  year’s  Competition,  we’re  going  Virtual! Because  of  the  travel  restrictions  imposed  as  a  result  of  COVID-19,  we’ve  created  a  unique  Huawei  virtual  environment.

Participants  will  have  ease  of  access  to  live  sessions  and  presentations,  connect  directly  with  industry  peers  and  much  more.

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The Event Program

8:30 am Virtual Venue Opening
9:30 am Welcome
9:50 am Global Technical Assistance Center Introduction
10:15 am Proceed to Presentation Rooms
10:20 am Huawei technical video presentation
11:50 am Cofee break
12:15 am Finalists'Presentation - Part 1
1:00 pm Lunch break
2:00 pm Finalists' Presentations - Part 2
2:00 pm CXO Roundtable
4:45 pm Coffee break
5:15 pm Announcement of winners
5:45 pm Closing speech