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ALSO IBM Technical experts are ready to help you and share their knowledge and best practices for solution implementation, architecture and proof of concept.

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Test environment is at no cost for you and platform is available 24/7 from wherever you are, only VPN and user ID is needed. Duration of a test and practical details will be agreed before the test starts. Test period is usually between 2-4 weeks.


IBM Guardium is a Solution for structured (Databases, DWH) data protection. It can detect in which Database columns GDPR data is stored, then monitor this (from logs) and apply policies to detect suspicions activity and even block SQL from executing.

With GDPR, any organization that collects data from EU subjects will have 72 hours to notify authorities of a breach, otherwise risk being fined €20m or up to four percent of annual revenues.

IBM Security Guardium tools will help you to analyze data breach and fulfill GDPR regulatory obligations and streamline your incident response and breach notification time to remain compliant and avoid penalties.

IBM Security Guardium tools helps to analyze and describe the nature of the personal data breach, including the number and categories of data subjects and personal data records affected. (GDPR Article 33(1)).

IBM Security Guardium Pre-Installed environment

IBM Security Guardium with preconfigured MS SQL/PostgreSQL sample data source

IBM Security Guardium preconfigured test scenarios

  • Find GDPR compliance related data in Your Database.
  • Create policies to monitor privileged user access to GDPR related data.
  • Add Access rules to protect Your GDPR related data (Alert on Login Failures, Alert when privileged user accesses GDPR related data, Block Privileged Users from Accessing GDPR related data).
  • Use Query rewrite functionality, mask data.
  • Build your own customized dashboards.
  • Identify threats and security gaps in database with IBM Guardium Vulnerability scan, review reports.
  • Build your own test scenarios

It’s been a true transformation. We’ve seen almost every industry invest in IoT, and leading industries are quickly moving to implement IoT solutions that drive the bottom line. Consumer products, like wearables and connected electronics, are certainly a large part of the market. But IDC estimates more than 80 percent of IoT spend through 2020 will be on B2B applications and use cases.

That’s why IoT will be one of the primary drivers of the digital transformation in 2018 and beyond. Using IoT, successful companies will create a self-learning environment. In turn, those will drive digital disruption in the physical world. New business models will emerge, along with changes in work processes, productivity improvements, cost containment and enhanced customer experiences.

Many IoT implementations still require on-prem implementations. But in 2018, there will be more (and very clear) instances where Software as a Service (SaaS) is a viable option. Next year, I believe we’ll see more companies choose the SaaS approach to quickly create and prove out a variety of IoT scenarios at lower investment levels.

IBM Internet of Things platform benefits

Cognitive IoT, AI and machine learning enable enterprises to unlock IoT value. An exploding amount of IoT data requires a new approach to gather, analyze and understand it all. And that massive amount of sensor and device information can be used to enhance what’s already known. Plus, it can also uncover new insights capable of transforming industries.

While making sense out of dark data and edge data paves our way to revolutionary ideas and technologies, it requires a cognitive approach. One that can effectively handle increasingly large inputs while generating meaningful output. Programmable systems thrive on prescribed scenarios using predictable data. But their rigidity can limit their usefulness when addressing the ambiguity and uncertainty of IoT data. Cognitive systems, however, are not explicitly programmed. They learn from interactions with people and from experiences with their environment. And in doing so, they become able to keep pace with the complexity of the Internet of things, identifying data correlations that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Test ready Environment

IBM Watson™ IoT Platform for IBM Cloud gives you a versatile toolkit that includes gateway devices, device management, and powerful application access. By using Watson IoT Platform, you can collect connected device data and perform analytics on real-time data from your organization.

Test environment provides:

  • Getting started guides
  • Device Data simulations
  • IoT Samples
  • Developing applications with HTTP REST API; MQTT messaging; Python; Node.js, Java and C#

ALSO Technical expertise

ALSO IBM Technical experts are ready to help you and share their knowledge and best practices for solution implementation, architecture and proof of concept.

The remarkable growth of unstructured data in particular requires a new data management approach. While some organizations have mastered the art of capturing and storing unstructured data, they may still struggle with identifying and retaining it to derive meaningful insights. IBM® StoredIQ® Suite is designed to help organizations discover, analyze and act on relevant unstructured data. It offers a holistic solution for addressing data management challenges relating to records management, e-discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives. By providing an in-depth assessment of unstructured data across the enterprise and where it resides, IBM can help your organization turn unstructured data into relevant information. You can gain critical visibility into important data and positioning to derive insights and make better-informed decisions

IBM StoredIQ benefits

  • Efficiency:An indexing engine dynamically gathers and stores intelligence about data across the enterprise, so that it is available for virtually any business process.
  • Scalability: The suite can process immense amounts of data where it resides.
  • Optimization: A distributed architecture links or federates instances of StoredIQ Suite to manage a company’s data.
  • Rapid deployment: StoredIQ Suite lets you quickly start analyzing data and then deriving meaningful insights.

StoredIQ has General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)– focused data discovery cartridges that provide a powerful data assessment solution for recognizing potentially sensitive and/or personal data, which can help support client readiness for GDPR.

StoredIQ key values for customers::

  • Automated discovery and classification of unstructured content within the information landscape
  • Identification of unstructured information that may be considered personal or sensitive
  • Advanced search capabilities specifically tailored to help find country-specific data, including data that may be considered personal or sensitive
  • Detailed analysis of large amounts of corporate data

An opportunity to innovate and lead with IBM APIConnect

APIs represent more than technical conduits for sharing data. Well-designed APIs provide organizations with a critical link to data and services that enable rapid innovation, open up markets for new goods and services, and serve as the basis for future partnerships. APIs have become a vital external representation of an organization; the digital “face” upon which companies base their brand impressions. APIs are extremely powerful assets for an enterprise, but they create a complex set of dependencies between the assets from the API provider and applications built by the app developers. By properly managing this exposure:

  • APIs become attractive and viable for third-party developers to use – the risk of losing investment in their apps is minimized by using well managed APIs.
  • Operational risks and costs remain manageable for the API Provider – service level enforcement enablement and security features control how APIs are accessed, and analytics provide insight into technical and business performance.
  • APIs are socialized with application developers in exactly the way you want. IBM API Management allows you to present your APIs and associated documentation with your choice of branding, and with full entitlement controls to engage your selected application developers

IBM APIConnect key befits

API Connect is IBM’s API Management solution that provides:

  • An end-to-end integrated experience across the API life-cycle, which reduces cost and simplifies application development.
  • Automated API creation and discovery from systems of record for rapid time to market.
  • Self-service access to APIs to speed discovery and consumption by developers, while also providing security and governance controls for IT operations.
  • Unified management and administration of Node.js and Java plus support for multiple development languages and frameworks to enhance developer productivity and reduce dependence on central IT.
  • Hybrid cloud licensing model for seamless platform flexibility and lower cost of ownership.

Demo environment:

  • API Creation and runtime platform
  • REST API creation using LoopBack Node.js framework
  • Docker
  • IBM DataPower
  • API monetization platform
  • Acces to community and developer portal

ALSO Technical expertise

ALSO IBM Technical experts are ready to help you and share their knowledge and best practices for solution implementation, architecture and proof of concept.

Unified endpoint management delivers IT and security leaders the technology needed to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Watson™, MaaS360 is the only platform that delivers an AI approach to UEM to enable endpoints, end users, and everything in between — including apps, content, and data.

Powerful EMM capabilities to address all your requirements

  • Mobile lifecycle management: deployment, configuration, security, monitoring, and support.
  • Container solutions and BYOD privacy settings to protect personally information for end users.

Effortless scalability for any mobile deployment

  • Placed "Best-in-Class" cloud among EMM vendors by Gartner.
  • No infrastructure limitations on the number of devices supported.
  • Instant feature updates and no ongoing maintenance.
  • Phase in BYOD and “right size” mobile security investments.

Robust mobile security platform

  • IBM Security: strongest security product portfolio in the entire industry.
  • Secure devices, email, apps, documents, the Web and corporate networks.
  • Mobile malware and advanced threat detection and remediation.
  • Single point of integration for devices, access, apps & content policy mgmt.

Seamless integration with existing and external environments

  • Secure plug & play integration mobile with your enterprise systems.
  • Support for MS Exchange, ActiveSync, Office 365, Lotus Notes, AD, LDAP, cert authorities, reporting systems, help desk systems, and other 3rd party apps.
  • No on-premise servers or network reconfigurations require.

Simple & fast with exceptional customer experience

  • 30-day free trial with full set up & deployment in minutes.
  • Streamlined provisioning, automated workflows & intuitive user interface.
  • Industry-acclaimed customer service included for training, setup & help desk.
  • Trial is production, so no need to re-enroll devices from evaluation to live.