Logitech is fully dedicated to the development of innovative and high-quality personal peripherals, which offer an improved digital experience. Logitech began in 1981 with the (at the time new) development of computer mice, which offered an intuitive way of interacting with a PC. The company became the world leader in computer mice and redesigned the design time and time again to meet the ever-changing needs of PC and laptop users.

Nowadays we no longer just work with computer mice, but we have further extended our expertise in product design with a wide range of interface equipment. These devices bridge the last inch between you and your computer or game console, digital music or home entertainment system.

Logitech products are now sold in practically every country in the world. Our leadership position in innovation includes a comprehensive range of personal peripherals (both wired and wireless), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, internet communication, digital music and home entertainment systems.

For each product in our product categories, we first investigate how customers use their digital devices. Armed with this information, our designers and technicians devote themselves entirely to creating a better experience with these devices - fuller, more comfortable, more productive, more convenient, in short: a pleasure to work with.

For more information: www.logitech.com

The products

  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Speakers
  • Webcams
  • Headsets
  • Remotes
  • Gaming
  • Video conference
  • Tablet accessories

Contact details

For more information, please contact your Account Manager and / or the components team via +32 9 298 14 11 or Sales.be@also.com.