Quality at Transcend starts with developing the best products and delivering new and advanced hardware products that meet the highest quality requirements of a rapidly changing market.

Major manufacturers around the world recommend Transcend's products because of compatibility, stability and reliability.

The five keys on which Transcend reaches the quality of the products are:

  • 100% Testing for compatibility
    Each product gets 100% control at every stage of development for compatibility with a wide range of computer components and peripherals.
  • Very strict standards for reliability
    Transcend's reliability standards are unrivaled in the industry, including a severe 72-hour dynamic burn-in test to identify defective parts. Real machines test and ensure the reliability of the product in a real working environment.
  • Expertise in Product Design
    Our customers often require non-standard memory, Flash Products, external hard drives and multimedia products. Thanks to 20 years of experience, Transcend meets the requirements of every customer.
  • Useful Applications
    We ensure that our products are easy to install and use, with clear and complete instructions.
  • Time-to-Market
    New products are made available to customers in the right "time-to-market"
    Transcend is proud of its acquired reputation in the field of stable, reliable, high-performance products.

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The products

ALSO carries several Transcend product lines. Below you will find an overview:

  • PC memory
  • Notebook memory
  • Flash Cards
  • External HDD housings
  • Card readers
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Solid State Disks
  • Industrial products
  • Apple solutions
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