Innovating the PC in every best mini way.

Performance larger than its size.

Next generation experience

Equipped with a GeForce RTX GPU and powerful Intel Core CPU, the ZBOX E-Series masters the latest Triple A titles and the biggest creative projects with jaw-dropping performance. Thanks to the breakthrough NVIDIA GeForce RTX technologies, games are more vivid and creative ideas are more limitless.

The efficient multitalent

Ultra-thin design meets next-gen performance. Equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor and up to 3200 MHz fast DDR4 memory, the ZBOX edge M-Series offers the full functionality and flexibility of a desktop PC in the thinnest form factor for edge computing, remote management and everyday productivity.

The silent companion

Designed and engineered to create a silent environment through fanless operation. The performance potential, hardware resilience and small form factor open up a wealth of possibilities and flexibility for which only the ZBOX C-Series is a solution.

The PC for your pocket

Highly energy efficient, powerful, quiet and amazingly pocketable. With such a small computer, the usable possibilities seem almost unlimited.