Founded in 1999 in Southern California, Incipio begins the strategy with a commitment to its customers and a passion for great product.

The strategy behind the Incipio formula of success driven is based on operational excellence coupled with a commitment to product design, all supported by a robust production skill. Today, the mobile consumer aims for lifestyle brands and products that resonate with them. Incipio's strategy of delivering a mix of premium company owned brands, licensed blue chip brands and retail have quickly cemented Incipio as the dominant global supplier to the industry.

Incipio's global presence enables the company to deliver mobile device accessories and solutions to a diverse customer base quickly and efficiently.

What once grew up from a suburban garage has turned into an international superpower, with an incredibly diverse portfolio of company-owned brands and license brands merged with a wide range of products that are sold to mobile consumer technology everywhere. With a far-reaching footprint and retail range of more than 50,000 storefronts spread over multiple categories; Incipio's reach and presence is unrivaled. Incipio business model thrives with a commitment to its customers and a passion for great products.

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  • Mobile protection
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