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Sustainable and more environmentally friendly printing
with original HP cartridges!

HP cartridges offer a sustainable solution for every printing need. A greener printing experience with HP not only contributes to the well-being of the planet, but also for your business or personal printing needs. Original HP cartridges ensure less energy consumption, less paper waste and with the recycling program you are guaranteed a sustainable printing solution.

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Sustainable benefits of HP supplies

Recycling of original HP ink cartridges

Since 2018, HP has been making a difference by using recycled plastic instead of new plastic to produce ink cartridges. When you choose HP ink cartridges, you actively contribute to the recycling of plastic bottles caught out of the ocean.

The HP printers and original HP cartridges are perfectly matched. This leads to better performance, allowing you to print more pages and enjoy high-quality printing results with minimal printing errors. At HP we believe in the power of sustainability, and by choosing HP you contribute to a greener future. See below what positive results HP has already achieved with recycling ink cartridges.

60% decrease in fossil fuel consumption

More than 705 barrels of oil saved

39% less water consumption

Enough to provide water to 7.9 million people for one day

30% reduction in average carbon footprint

As if there are 533 fewer cars on the road

Recycling of original HP-toner cartridges

HP toner cartridges have been carefully developed to minimize material use and meet strict standards for quality and reliability. What makes it extra special is that 100% of our Original HP toner cartridges contain between 5% and 38% recycled content. In this way we not only contribute to high-quality printing performance, but also to a more sustainable future. Choose HP toner cartridges and make a conscious choice for quality and environmental awareness.

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Discover recycling
HP supplies with
HP Planet Partners

Recycle Original HP cartridges and make an impact on the environment! HP cartridges can be easily recycled through HP Planet Partners. This simple and free returns policy recycles Original HP ink and toner cartridges. The plastic is used as a raw material in the production of new ink and toner cartridges. This means that plastic cartridges no longer end up in the waste heap, but remain in the product chain.

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