Ipswitch Inc. was founded in Boston US, in 1991. Ipswitch designs and develops leading software for more than 42,000 customers in 116 countries. IT teams around the world have been trusting Ipswitch's innovative software for optimizing and securing critical and / or privacy-sensitive data transactions (GDPR compliant) and monitoring applications and infrastructures inside and outside their own network for 25 years.

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What is MOVEit®?

Do you have critical and / or privacy sensitive data that you want to share with external parties? The sensitive data can no longer be checked outside the firewall and can be manipulated or put in the wrong hands.

With MOVEit you have complete control over all file transfers outside the firewall of your organization. For example, if you share files with partners, customers, between users or systems. With MOVEit you keep sensitive data end-to-end encrypted (at rest and on the road) and you guarantee the integrity of the data. You ensure compliance with internal policy rules and GDPR. MOVEit protects your files against data breaches, cyber-attacks and online threats.

MOVEit consists of a suite of tools. In addition to MOVEit Transfer, MOVEit Adhoc offers an outlook plug-in that allows your colleagues to easily add documents to e-mails and share them fully protected with external parties. You can also automate planned data exchanges (eg between systems) with MOVEit Automation and you keep complete overview and control over who receives and recognizes what data with Analytics. MOVEit ensures that data is fully traceable from a central point within your organization. With MOVEit you are GDPR compliant.

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What is WhatsUp® Gold?

WhatsUp® Gold is a network monitoring tool (2/3 layer) that automatically detects and displays all devices, including switches, routers, servers etc., in a detailed interactive map of the entire network infrastructure. WhatsUp Gold can automatically discover all devices in the network and display your network topology. WhatsUp Gold can monitor any mix of devices; from wireless controllers, access points, servers, VMs, switches / routers, firewalls, applications, printers, network traffic and configurations in Windows, LAMP and Java environments. WhatsUp Gold can monitor everything with an IP address that is accessible with standard monitoring protocols, including ICMP, SNMP, WMI and SSH.

WhatsUp Gold shows how all devices within the network are connected and reacts dynamically to interactions and gives an up-to-date picture. By simply clicking on a device, you can instantly access a wealth of device related information, network monitoring settings and reports. In addition to the interactive maps, various dashboards are available, including for Network Traffic Analysis and Application Monitoring. For management and customers, WhatsUp Gold offers many options for personalized reporting.

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