3M reduces the weight of high-voltage cables so that 3M can transport more power to more people. 3M helps manufacturers to consume less and at the same time achieve more. 3M automates healthcare data so that the right people receive the right information. 3M stands for inspiring innovation worldwide and encouraging progress and at the same time contributes to real global sustainable development through environmental protection, business and social responsibility and economic progress. 3M applies its science and innovation to positively influence the lives of every person in the world. For more information, click on this link.

The products

  • Notebooks
  • Tablet PC
  • Security products for computer

Contact details

For more information, please contact your Account manager. For B2B you can contact +32 (0) 15 48 05 50 or SALES.BE@ALSO.COM. For Retail you can contact +32 (0) 15 48 05 70 or RETAIL.BE@ALSO.COM.