Life Proof


Action and adventure are primary drives. They are in the blood of Life Proof. And to satisfy them, Life Proof has to go through places, do things, take chances and be free. Feel how the heart beats in the breast of Life Proof and the icy rush of adrenaline in her veins.

It all started with the WaterProof, DropProof, DirtProof, SnowProof line with cases: the classic FRĒ and the screenless NÜÜD. Life Proof then extends to a new area with two non-watertight solutions: NËXT and SLΛM. Now they continue to push the possibilities with WaterProof loudspeakers, quick-mount brackets and even field-ready power packs - acceleration aimed at injecting more action into every adventure.

LifeProof only exceeds protection. They want you to be free of restraint, free of hesitation and free of fear. That's why Life Proof makes suitcases, speakers and accessories that defy the surf, thrive in the sand, shred the slopes and jump back from bail - so you can live in the moment, capture the evidence and share great stories.

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  • Mobile accessories
  • Notebook carrying case
  • Power cable

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For more information, please contact your Account manager. For B2B you can contact +32 (0) 15 48 05 50 or SALES.BE@ALSO.COM. For Retail you can contact +32 (0) 15 48 05 70 or RETAIL.BE@ALSO.COM.