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Overview: enhance, rebuild or migrate?

Migrate with Azure

Enhance with Azure

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Rebuild with Azure

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Reveal the brilliance within. With Azure, you can run any workload with more agility, resiliency, and security than ever before. From app delivery to ensuring you have the computing power to react to customer demands, Azure infrastructure has a passion for business performance.

Beautiful IT is business confidence

While change is continuous, years of accelerated progress across the IT landscape have got your customers asking with greater urgency, is it time to upgrade? And if so, how? Do we enhance our existing infrastructure? Rebuild? Migrate entirely to the cloud?

Motivate your customers to embrace progress with confidence. Unleash hidden potential within existing IT infrastructures with Azure Arc or rebuild IT infrastructures with Azure Stack HCI. Go further into deep modernization with Azure’s infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Develop Azure infrastructure solutions for your customers and deliver on expectations – it’s beautiful IT.

Azure shines on any occasion – find the best fit for your customers


Your customer wants to hold on to what they’ve got? Azure Arc can enhance and protect existing IT infrastructure.
Simplify complex and distributed environments by deploying Azure Services to any infrastructure and extending Azure management across cloud datacenters and edge locations.

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What about when workloads aren’t ready to be moved to cloud but aren’t meeting your customer requirements? Rebuild and refresh with Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc.

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Your customer knows it’s time to get their IT into the cloud? Bring it all together with Azure Infrastructure as a Service. It begins with a great IT migration experience.

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Enhance with Azure

Is more always more? Do you have to ‘go big, or go home’ ? With the influx of new technologies and platforms, along with different development tools, languages, and frameworks, your customers’ IT environments can by unnecessarily complex. Azure loves a good hybrid, providing a curated technology mix that dazzles with functionality and efficiency.

Bring cloud innovation to existing infrastructure. Modernize local datacenters with new cloud infrastructure. Extend compute and AI to the edge and unlock new business scenarios. Designed with hybrid in mind, Azure with Azure ARC breathes new life into existing environments.

Let your IT shine. Invest your time in the following trainings and deliver the right solution for your customers.

Rebuilding with Azure

Microsoft is the only cloud provider delivering technology solutions across all layers: infrastructure, control, and services. For customers needing to modernize aging servers and storage, Azure with Azure Stack HCI seamlessly extends your datacenter to the cloud with connected Azure services.

Initiate an infrastructure rebuild with Azure HCI. Learn or level-up the skills needed to evaluate your customers’ on-prem IT infrastructure. Get their rebuild going with minimal disruption and absolute data security. Make use of our Partner Readiness trainings to meet customer needs and flourish with new and polished competencies.

Migrating to Azure

When migrating to Azure, customers get a powerful, flexible platform that grows along with their business. They also get savings mechanisms built into the system. Organizations position their cloud investments to save on the long-term, preserve capital for increased agility, and prioritize sustainability and continuity of their operations.

Imagine Azure as a magical space. It expands and contracts depending on your needs, and you pay only for what you use. More workloads mean more boxes, which means more space. Or the opposite. Currently, the average SMB customer utilizes only 60% of their IT infrastructure capacity. That’s a lot of wasted space and unnecessary costs. Azure conforms to the shape of business at it expands, contracts, contorts, and pivots.

Help your customers accelerate growth and optimize investments by migrating to Azure.

Azure solutions to navigate changing markets and accelerate growth

Migrate Infrastructure workloads to Azure

Enable Customer Success

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Modernize Enterprise Applications Miscorsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Do more with less by modernizing the IT infrastructure

Migrate to IaaS and save

  • Save up to 85% over standard pay-as-you-go rates when migrating Windows & SQL Server licenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit & Reserved Instance.
  • Save up to 76% with Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux, with your pre-existing Red Hat or SUSE subscriptions on Azure
  • Use Azure savings plan for compute and save up to 65% on select compute services compared to pay-as-you-go rates

Optimize your cloud investments

  • Optimize savings automatically with Azure savings plan across participating services globally up to hourly commitment to get the best value
  • Optimize your cloud workloads and save up to 34% with Microsoft Cost Management

Reinvest for resilience

How to move your
customers to Azure?

Everyone sees moving as a challenge. That’s why Microsoft offers a wide range of migration tools and programs to ensure confident, accelerated, and smooth migrations and integrations. And we’re there to support you at every phase of the process.

Tools and capabilities

You know it, you’re ready for Azure: you can migrate the servers you want to have in the cloud to Azure via Azure Migrate. And For the servers stay on-prem, you’ll still get the benefits of Azure by using Azure Arc, connecting your on-prem datacenter to a vast selection of Azure services.

Learn more about Azure Migration

Guidance for cloud adoption

Need guidance on how to get there? The Cloud Adoption and Well-Architected Frameworks guide you through all aspects of moving your workloads to Azure, ensuring they operate efficiently, securely, and flexibly.

More on Cloud Adoption Framework

More on Well Architected Framework

Expert help

You need hands-on help: ALSO Professional Services cover the practical aspects of your customers’ migration to the cloud. Our consultancy services support tailored migrations for customers with unique requirements.

Explore ALSO Professional Services

Whether optimizing, rebuilding or migrating, ALSO supports you and your customers in reducing costs and improving IT infrastructure and efficiency.

Get your steps in, there’s only four:


Get ready with Also's on-demand and live training courses within the Partner Readiness Program


Identify potential customers and their needs: Accelerate scalability? Modernize outdated software? Improve data security? All of IT?


Design the path: Select the most suitable modernization path for your customers' needs (enhance, rebuild, or migrate)


Get in touch: Reach out to your local ALSO team to get the support you need

Go-To-Market assets and On-demand and live training courses

Here’s where more really is more:

Go-To-Market assets

Looking to colour your business with more Azure? We’ve put together essential resources and readiness materials to put in the spotlight and in prime position. Download your Customer-ready, ready-to-go, Go-To-Market assets and get started today.


On-Demand and Live Training

Learn more with our Azure on-demand and live training courses within the Partner Readiness Program or download our resource packs. With ALSO, we support you on the ground, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.

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Looking to colour your business with more Azure? We’ve put together essential resources and readiness materials to put in the spotlight and in prime position. Download your Customer-ready, ready-to-go, Go-To-Market assets and get started today.

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